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Stephen Spinola is your favorite Comedian. I'm really surprised you didn't know that. He earned a degree in physics from McGill University in Montreal, he starred in an award winning short film, he traveled the country in an RV, he is a glassblower, he makes pickles, and he mines crypto currencies. All of those things are true and he’s done it all with a weed joint in his mouth. There isn’t anything Stephen Spinola can’t do except make his parents proud. Stephen once acted in a sketch on and his tweets have been seen on Cheezburger, Huffington Post, Info Wars, The Philip DeFranco Show, Comedy Central’s @Midnight television show as well as their #CCSocialScene web series. He has appeared on several notable podcasts including Keith and the Girl, Kill Tony, and Legion of Skanks. He has also appeared on several garbage podcasts that will remain unnamed. Beside all that, Stephen has taken part in over 20 of the the dopest comedy festivals in North America including the Laughing Skull Festival (semi-finalist), Hell Yes Fest, NXNE, and Just For Laughs in Montreal. He's also performed at some great venues including Zanies, The Improv, Gotham, New York Comedy Club, Broadway Comedy CLub, The Stand, The Creek and Cave, Comedy WOrks, The Comedy nest, Comix, THe Comedy Studio, The Comedy Zone, Funny Bone, and many more. Two of Stephen's proudest accomplishments have been performing at Gas Stations as part of Mountain Dew Ice Campaigns and helping break the Guinness World Record for longest comedy show even though he honestly thinks that's a really bad idea for a show.
"Tremendous comic... Considerable brand of ballsy comedy... Love to watch him perform... Worth seeing."

"An affable character... he can hold the crowd with just a look or some fun audience participation." "He's a good boy but we worry about him." -Mr. & Mrs. Spinola