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People like Stephen Spinola and everybody wants to be his friend. He is genuine, truthful, and slightly outspoken. Born and raised in New York, Stephen's had big dreams of being a Stupid Comedian since the age of SIX. He now lives those dreams producing silly videos and performing live stand up comedy all across the US & Canada, randomly wowing audiences overseas. Stephen's work has been seen on Comedy Central's @Midnight and #CCSocialScene as well as Playboy, Cheezburger, and The Huffington Post. And one time he was heard on Sirius XM. It was in Montreal that Stephen began making people laugh professionally while earning a degree in Physics at McGill University. In just 7 years, he's performed on some of the most prestigious stages in North America and has disappointed his parents all across the globe. He now co-produces and hosts 'The Only One Tripping,' a live psychedelic comedy SHow in NYC. in 2016, Stephen started his own Hit podcast on The Keith & The Girl Network called Shart Tank in which comedians pitch their silliest product and business ideas. It's really stupid. Having taken part in all the dopest comedy festivals including The Laughing Skull Festival, Hell Yes Fest, and Just For Laughs in Montreal, Stephen has found himself opening for big names in front of Big Audiences. In 2016, he began headlining shows himself. Stephen has a high-energy act, a devilish charm, and slick delivery that captivates audiences and leaves them wanting more. In 2017 Stepehn was the target of 100's to 1000's of Death Threats from Trump Supporters over a Barron Trump Tweet. Over 100,000 people signed one of several petitions on to have stephen fired from Comedy Central. Unfortunately, Comedy Central did not officially employ Stephen at the time, quite to the chagrin of Alex Jones and his editors at Infowars - who incited all of the death threats and petitions on their personal and official facebooks, twitters, and websites. Stephen Still tells jokes on stage and, luckily for him, nobody has come through with any of their death threats. And Barron trump is still a multi-millionaire. Recently starring in the award winning short film “Lazy Boyz” and appearing on television networks such as CBS and the CW, Stephen has been getting acquainted with cameras. In 2014 stephen released his first self produced Comedy Special, "Living Your Dreams." He hopes to release a feature length film and a stand up comedy special on Comedy Central in 2012 after he builds the world's first time machine. This man knows no bounds. "Tremendous comic... Considerable brand of ballsy comedy... Love to watch him perform... Worth seeing."

"An affable character... he can hold the crowd with just a look or some fun audience participation."